Could the Antminer X3 Be The Biggest Scam In Bitmain’s History?

Bitmain just launched the Antminer X3 and some think it’s the biggest exit scam ever!

Bitmain recently released some very controversial news regarding the release of an Antminer X3 for an incredibly high price.  It’s another ASIC that will replace GPU mining on many popular coins, and many people are very unhappy.  For those that will buy Antminer X3, they might earn a lot, or loose a lot.  The price is incredibly high and some people have heard talks that Monero will fork their way out of the introduction of ASIC’s.  It’s only a matter of time before Bitmain devours all the market share and ruins the usefulness of ASICS.  Some gamers might be happy when they can finally pick up a 1080 TI for an affordable price, but sadly those that have invested so much into GPU’s may be devastated if the forking doesn’t work for any reason.

The most insane thing about this Bitmain release is it appears to be the most expensive release every slapped on a 3 chain ASIC miner. Bitmain has been known to jack up prices, but this seems incredibly high and is making many people wonder.  After all the bad news in the crypto world causing correction after correction and even the most recent news about Google banning adword ads featuring crypto related investments, it does make you wonder why Bitmain would release this product at such an insane price.

Normally Bitmain would jack up prices around $5000 MAX, but the prices as seen below are beyond INSANE and is enough to make anyone with a head screwed on straight wonder WHY?

Some have speculated several theories and several different scenarios could play out with this introduction.  We’ve created the following scenarios and ranked them from 1-5.  1 being the most likely scenario.

  1. Bitmain jacked prices up knowing that if they can get people to buy and bitcoin continues to correct they will still be alright in the end with a massive profit.
  2. Bitmain jacked prices up because the chips used were more expensive and also thought they could price it comparatively to the Baikal miner’s hashing rate.
  3. Bitmain saw how many people bought the D3 and A3 and wants to see how far they can take it.
  4. Bitmain chose this time to jack prices because it will be the very first miner for CryptoNight and they wanted to release the miner before Monero confirms a fork due to the other news of Baikal miner that was also launched recently.
  5. Bitmain knows that people will spend their bitcoin now rather than later due to the correction. Perhaps Bitmain thinks we’re stupid? Who knows.

Or maybe Bitmain has been mining with a small batch of these already earning piles of money and have now decided to offload a FEW, so the jack the price so high that only a FEW people can buy!

People on Reddit also have some strong opinions, as you can see below:

Bitmain has got to be NUTS charging this much!  This could be Bitmain’s biggest scam, or possibly profitable.  We won’t know for the next few months!

What do you think?  We’ve never seen something this expensive from Bitmain and we’re all confused.  If you have any ideas, please drop a comment below!

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